Bishop Dr. Devon William

TO invite Apostle Dr. Williams to your church and to witness his dynamic healing ministry, where the lame walk, the blind see, cancer is healed, barren wombs bring forth children, and even the dead is raised to give god glory, Please call us at 954.667.6011 or email at   




Apostle Dr. Devon Williams is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Jubilee of Praise Ministry in Sunrise, Florida, and as an Apostle/Church planter, he has established churches in many locations.

Apostle met his wife Pastor Rita while they studied at Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, Texas.  They have been married for over 30 years and are blessed with 3 children.
Apostle Dr. Williams’ Evangelistic Ministry spans several continents such as the United States, England, Canada and throughout the Caribbean.  He currently hosts on TBN’s Praise the Lord program in Fort Pierce, FL.  Apostle Dr. Williams received his PhD of Divinity Degree in July 2007, and on October 26, 2007 was installed as an Apostle.


Teaching Seminars/Leadership Seminars/Marriage Seminars/Camp Meetings/Revivals/Author/Psalmist/ Master Choir Director/Composer/ Musician/Entrepreneur.  Dr. Williams is an exciting expository Preacher, Teacher and Seminar Speaker.  He is compelling, relevant and an exciting motivator.  He expresses the Word of God with such impeccable power, giving biblical understanding that compels people to respond to the Word of God.  God has laid a burden in his heart to train, educate and equip Leaders.

Apostle Dr. Williams has a dynamic healing ministry, he moves profoundly in this gift.  As the anointing of the Holy Spirit flows in his services, miracles, deliverance, gift of discernment, and word of knowledge is evident.  The manifestation of salvation, the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic Word brings a refreshing experience.  Thousands have been saved, delivered, healed from tumors, seizures, high blood pressure, diabetes, blindness, heart attack, stroke, cataract dissolved, cripple walk, lupus, and cancer disgorged before our very eyes, even the dead is raised to give glory to God and many more!   Apostle Dr. Williams comes to you with over 30 years of ministerial training and experience.  To God be the glory!

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