Many lives will never be the same because they have encountered Christ Jesus.  This book is a witness to His ongoing Ministry in our lives.  We feel privileged and honored to have been given this opportunity to stand on this platform to acknowledge Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives.

To God be the glory for the many wonderful things that He has done for us and through us as a Ministry. 

We have made quantum leaps in the supernatural arena of God.  In spite of all the vexing vicissitudes that troubles our nation and the world, God is still immutable.  The scripture states, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.”   This truth is irrefutable.  His declarations have stood the test of time.  Nothing can alter the power of God manifesting Himself in the lives of the Believers.  When faith and all conditions are met, God will come through for you.

 We encourage you to read on to the glory of God.  May one of the testimonies  from this book spur you on to believe for something miraculous from God today.  It is His first priority to bless you and release you to worship Him freely.  From this point on we give Jesus all the honor, praise and glory for the work that He started to teach and do in the Church.  We thank Him for sending the Holy Spirit to continue the work through the Church.   Amen.

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